We at GKS have been operating now for 2 years and we wanted to partner with a new Goalkeeper glove and kit brand to support the launch of our new branding.

Our core values mean we want to support local talent and businesses around Sussex and this is what led us to announce our new partnership with Sparta Goalkeeping ( & Kit & Bone (

Sparta GK have been excellent from the first day we started talking and have never over promised whilst being very consultative so that our Head Coach (David Baker) got the right pair first time. They are really comfortable gloves with excellent grip. As Sparta say it isn't the glove that will turn you into the next golden glove winner, but it will certainly give you a head start!

Kitandbone designs are just fantastic and they caught our eye right from the very beginning. What Kitandbone have done is an example to the rest of new sportswear brands starting out. The artwork is key to the design and that's what makes Kitandbone designs stand out from the crowd.

We are so excited to be working with two great local brands and hope this is the start of a great long-term working partnership.

Don't forget to get in touch for exclusive Sparta GK discounts by emailing us at:

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